At Last!! Conquest Is Done!!

Conquest is finished! Er...well, mostly finished. We've still got a ton of editing to do, but it's all filmed! Unfortunately, the release of the full movie is still awhile away due to some computer problems that has slowed down the editing process quite a bit. Never...

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Race against autumn!

The work on Conquest has encountered a few setbacks, so it will be released later than we were expecting. In the trailer, we said it would be released during summer but it seems like we will have it done late winter IF (very big if) we can finish all our outdoor...

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Psst! Leaked Conquest scene!

Hey! Psst! Here is the opening scene of Conquest that I managed to get a hold of. This is draft 1, so there are a few kinks still to work out.  Don't tell anyone, or I may get caught...oh, okay fine, I won't get in trouble, since I made the video. Enjoy! (and, yes, we...

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Update on Conquest.

Finally, a new website! Our old one wasn't the best, especially the name: That's not a name, that's a paragraph! is a much better name and easier to remember. Anyway, on to other matters; Conquest is making good...

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About LAYF

The Lynchburg Area Young Filmmakers is a network for Christian homeschool students (ages 10 to 16) who are interested in script-writing, live action filming and stop-motion animation.

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