The Lynchburg Area Young Filmmakers is an informal network of local Christian homeschool students (ages 10 to 16) in the Lynchburg/Bedford area who are interested in script-writing, live action filming and stop-motion animation.

My name is Zechariah and I am sixteen years old. A few years ago I started filming a series of films with my friends and an old camcorder.

Now I would like to expand and get more kids interested and involved in the fun of film making.

What We Will Be Doing
We will meet once every month to plan movies, brainstorm, look over scripts, and learn about acting, film making and animating. This is a student lead group and is unaffiliated with any organization and not super formal. Parent or guardian presence is required at  meeting locations. We will meet most often in Bedford (Sedalia) but may meet in other places as well.

What Kind of Films Will We Focus On
While we have focused on making medieval/fantasy films in the past – we are open to many different genres of films as long as they stay within the parameters of Christian values.

Please note: For any questions or to sign up for meeting times please go to the contact page.