We’ve started the planning of another film: The Neighborhood Watch.

Here is a short summary: The neighborhood of Oak Grove is pretty much your typical quiet neighborhood, until a gang of vandals start causing trouble. They started out with the usual painting on stuff they shouldn’t, but it quickly escalates to more and more serious crimes. Cars smashed and ruined, rocks through windows and even a few muggings. Four friends decide it has to stop. With the help of their parents and a few gadgets, they form The Neighborhood Watch. They go out after dark and hunt down vandals and other troublemakers and foil their plans and turn them over to the police.  This film will provide us will some new challenges, such as trying to shoot night scenes and costume design.

A quick update on Conquest: We’re about to film a bunch of scenes, and we’ll start the editing soon after. We’ve also found some super epic music to use. Listen to it here: https://artem-yegorov.bandcamp.com/.

Check back later for more updates!