Trampoline Stunts

Join Maximum Extreme as he leads his team through daring stunts on the trampoline.

Paradigm 33

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Paradigm 33 TRAILER


One corporation. 33 soldiers. An empire built on lies.

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For the past couple of years we have been looking for a “group” to get our son involved with.  He’s an only child and we really wanted to find some other kids for him to connect with.  We tried various things such as co-ops, church related activities, other homeschool groups, etc – however, none of these were what we were really looking for or there was just no connection.

BUT THEN, God lead us straight to LAYF!  It was definitely a God thing!  We love it and our son absolutely loves it. We have met some wonderful families and Elijah has made some awesome friendships with some amazing kids!  We are truly thankful and grateful for His blessing…
A special thanks to the host family Jason and Pam Fowler who open up their home every month to all who wish to come!  And finally a big shout out to Zechariah Fowler for his leadership of this group of kids.  He does a very good job of keeping all the kids (there can be been as many as 15!) on track.  He’s done an excellent job of writing scripts. And also, directing,  producing and filming the group!
The group has done stop motion and live action filming and on occasion has led to opportunities to be a part of other film projects outside of the group.  I would recommend and encourage this group to anyone whose child would be interested in filmmaking, acting & fellowship!!
The Boggess family


Are you interested in stop-motion animation, script-writing, acting and movie making?